“We always put wire netting on ridges.”

The wire is held down using netting pins and the wire normally comes down below the bottom liner of the ridge, this prolongs the life of the ridge by holding the sticks in place as the ridge starts to wear out and also stopping any bird damage.

Sometimes it’s beneficial to wire the gable ends to prevent bird or wind damage. Bird damage usually occurs on any area of the roof where the reed is turning, this is because tapered bundles are used here which are normally shorter and finer making them easy for birds to pull out. Because of this it can be beneficial to wire these areas to help prevent any further damage. Wire netting also prevents reed being lifted due to high winds in exposed areas.   If the damage is more extensive we can wire all the roof which means connecting wire netting to the wire used when wiring the ridge and dropping it vertically down the roof and pinning it up in under the eave. This process is continued across the roof and the wire is twisted together.

The home owner needs to be aware that once the wire is on the roof maintenance work required in the future will cost more money due to the wire needing to be completely removed and put back into place once the work is complete. Whilst this needs to be taken into consideration wiring a roof has the added benefit of protecting the roof and therefore may increase the life of the roof.

Wire Netting
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